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Low Phosphorus Food


Limiting dietary phosphorus in cats with chronic kidney (CKD) disease has been shown to help delay the progression of CKD.

The recommended phosphorus range on a dry matter basis (percentage of ingredients after moisture is removed) for cats with CKD is 0.3-0.6%


No Protein Sacrifice – Wx Phos Focused foods are for the Obligate Carnivore

“But shouldn’t I be looking for low protein in addition to low phosphorus?”

Cats with kidney issues may benefit from diets that have lower levels of phosphorus, but we believe it is necessary to include adequate levels of protein. Cats, by definition, are obligate carnivores, and this means their bodies need meat. Meat includes high quality protein which in turn helps maintain muscle mass–something crucial for cats with kidney issues.

Keeping phosphorus on the lower side and protein adequate often presents a challenge because rising protein levels typically correlates with rising phosphorus levels. Accordingly, many traditional “low phosphorus” diets often sacrifice protein content to hit target phosphorus levels. As such formulas swap muscle building protein for other caloric sources, such as carbohydrates, they may not be entirely fit for an obligate carnivore.

By carefully choosing protein sources that contain lower levels of naturally occurring phosphorus (including boneless skinless chicken breast, boneless tilapia filets and egg whites—the same cuts and quality as used in products for people), Wx Phos Focused foods “circles the square”. The result—Wx Phos Focused formulas maintain substantial levels of protein to help maintain muscle mass while at the same time providing phosphorus levels below AAFCO standards. (Read more on:

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