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Eggs and Chicken Fat vs. Chicken

Are eggs and chicken fat the same as chicken? 

Many dog owners experience issues with chicken in their dog's diet and their best friends end up developing allergies after years of chicken kibble. It's important to note a few facts about eggs and chicken fat when weighing what food to change to. There are foods with zero chicken or chicken fat and others with zero chicken but include chicken fat or eggs in the ingredient panel buried 2 or 3 lines down the list. 

Eggs are a separate allergen than chicken, so most dogs who are allergic to chicken can enjoy eggs without issue.

As for chicken fat, most chicken allergies are to the protein of chicken, not the fat. Chicken fat is a very common ingredient in dog food and most dogs who are allergic to chicken can include it in their diet. If you'd like to completely eliminate any threat of a chicken allergy 100% you might consider going with an all chicken free kibble including free of chicken fat and chicken protein. 


If you are on a Chicken protein kibble you might switch to a different protein without chicken such as Zignature Link Here which has zero chicken or chicken fat. You might also try Fromm Salmon a la veg Link Here which contains Salmon but includes tasty Chicken fat.